Why is it the quieter it gets in my head, the louder I hear my own voice?

Part I of II – Pale Green Things.

Street photographers have to be very good at two things: being solitary, and being everywhere. It’s not really a team sport like the more traditional portrait photography, and it also requires a bit of ballsy-ness, best coupled with shoulder-shruggin “whu?” when you get a shitty reaction from someone who caught that they were caught on your film.

Nick Kozak seems to be good at being everywhere in Toronto. I ran into him in Toronto a few weeks ago, not once but twice in a single day. First sighting: The Department (1389 Dundas W.), checking out a recent photo show; second sighting: at a bar a little further west, while I was havin a beer with another street photographer, the mastermind behind inconduit.com.

This photo on Nick’s blog made me appreciate TD Bank’s green machine branding, not to mention the charming-ness of black socks, brown shoes. And it made me very very happy that someone was out there, watching, looking for collisions of things like green shirts and green machines.

from Nick Kozak Blog

See Part II here.

Title credit: The Beauties, Heart of Stone (tonight at the Red Dog in Peterborough w/ Justin Rutledge!)

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