In 1984 I was hospitalized for approaching perfection.

I have no idea why I saved a draft of an almost empty post a year ago – but I did. It had this link in it though: Great Flag Debate – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So, Happy Canada day y’all, eh! (Canamericadian) I tagged it “Campbellford, Car, Chairs,Will Ferrell.” Curious. Glad WordPress keeps track of these things.

If you are in upstate NY this week(endish) check out the photo book symposium at Visual Studies Workshop. It’s gonna be prime time. (I’ll get it to catch on, just wait and see). Mike Mandel & Ron Jude tomorrow! (And a screening of the Robert Frank flick I used to sneak into the rare book room just to stare lovingly at the metal canister it was housed in.) And did I mention that it’s gonna be prime time?!

Title credit: Silver Jews, Random Rules


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