We should swim in a fountain, I do not want to disappoint anyone.

Guess where I’m going to be on Saturday? Right below the ice cream cone!

Map - Bloor fest

Come see the Circuit Gallery table at Bloor & Dufferin in the art court.
1:00-9:00pm Saturday July 24th

Too hot to leave your a/c or not in the Toronto-area? You can cool down AND look at art from your computer. Check out Stefan Petranek‘s Fossil 12 and James Rajotte‘s visually sublime moment: Kitchen Chair. Both make me long for the season I’m not sweating/freezing through. That footprint in the snow, next to my Mike + Doug Starn snowflake is perfect summer art, and that chair, next to my not-quite Jason Molina’s lamp polaroid by Luke Strosnider is perfect winter art.

Stefan Petranek, Fossil #12, 2008. Available for purchase from CircuitGallery.com James Rajotte, Kitchen Chair, 2008. Available from circuitgallery.com

The New Bloor Street Festival – Are YOU in the NEW?.

Title credit: The National, Conversation 16

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