Did you grow up lonesome and one-of-a-kind? Were your records all you had to pass the time?

Oh, St. Marie…

I really like this font (and not just becuase it is free). It cuts a little of the cuteness that is the inescapable Archer light (Martha Stewart, y’all! You want to look like Martha Stewart? Keep using it!).

More free fonts that are worth takin a look at over at DSIGN BUZZ. Thank you to Bogdan (odd to me that people are still using handles online) for sorting them out and including the bests. (Could Slimbo be any cooler? And Matchbook makes my ovaries hurt. Bordering that fine line between too much and just-enough cuteness) My font library is overrun with terrible freebie fonts I downloaded on some late night whim, so 30 good ones is a killer find.

Title credit:  The Gaslight Anthem, The Queen of Lower Chelsea

1 comment
  1. ali said:

    handles. hah.

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