Oooh child, things are gonna get easier.

Chuck Norris Zombie

12 Things that make me feel better, right now:

1. Chuck Norris Jokes on Soup

2. Wearing my papa’s painting overalls and finishing up a cottage painting blitz for the evening.

3. The Five Stairsteps coming up on my shuffle at exACTly the right moment.

4. Toronto address, phone number and a plan that doesn’t cost 80cents a minute!

5. Festival of 24 Things: 401 Edition!

6. Shooting stars at the end of the dock and the Vaccuum Cleaner constellation. And nighttime sweaters.

7. The Weakerthans at the Red Dog!

8. Staying up late, ’cause that’s what you do when you are wearing the painting overalls (flashback to undergrad painting class, when I stayed up all night painting in my studio, wearing the overalls)

9. Leonard and Joni, back-to-back.

10. Cool haps at my former school alma mater (oooh, someone has a few letters after their name).

11. Finding one more roll of Kodachrome in my messy bedroom.

12. A blog post sounding like it’s going to end with the Mastercard phrase: “Priceless”.

Title credit: The Five Stairsteps, Oooh Child.


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