But I used to wait at a diner a million nights without her, praying she won’t cancel again tonight

Been awhile since I posted some strictly text journally ramblings. So, after news that a project I have been looking forward to has fallen through, it feels like a good time to take stock of things that are confirmed and keeping me up at night with work and planning and design-y dorkin out.

There is also something comforting about making a ‘back to school’ list of things to look forward to. And now…

Stuffmaker’s list of exciting stuff coming up in the next two months

• upcoming launch of Anchorless Press, a no strings publisher for projects ranging from runs of 5 to 500
• impending relocation of Post Art Design headquarters from quaint little Campbellford, Ontario to the big ol’ city of Toronto
• 4th exhibition of the Festival of 24 Things – a special edition hosted by 401 Richmond in Toronto. Submissions due Sept 3rd, show opens Sept . 17th as part of Nuit Blanche.
• trip to NYC to crash (respectfully) an auction headed up by a close friend (and mad photo smartie) at Sotheby’s in October. Shooting my final roll of Kodachrome that week as well, if I can hold off that long.
• vintage shopping for the perfect poofy sleeved baby blue dress for the prom/wedding of another close friend in October
• New York and Adjacent Canada souvenir cards going on sale on Friday! Very limited supply, so email me if you want to reserve a set robyn@robynyork.com
• ‘New York and Adjacent Canada – the book’ has found a printer! Book release in October.

Whew. I guess the fall won’t be as sad bastardly as I was gearin up for.
Back to my gallery duties.

Title credit: The Gaslight Anthem, Here’s Lookin At You, Kid


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