The workers are going home…the workers are going HOME! YEAH YEAH YEAH!

My Weezer Articles To Blog About folder is kind of outta control, so – it’s Make A List time!

(Think I’m joking? <—Click it)

1. Hilarity over at The Awl: from April 27, 2010, Sex Offender Week: Rivers Cuomo Messes You Up Forever by Sady Doyle

2. And now that you are seriously questioning your “I Love Weezer, but nothing after Pinkerton” concert t-shirt — Pitchfork [old] news: Weezer Plan Blue LP/Pinkerton Tour

3. So maybe you should trade it in for a snuggie? A wuggie? (gross!)

4. Anything to hold off on purchasing another disappointing Weezer album


Happy 14th Birthday Pinkerton.


Title credit: Weezer, Blue Album – side one, track one (“My Name Is Jonas”)

* I do kinda like seeing Hurley’s big smiley face on construction site plywood around the city. Makes me think of another big face I like to see around Toronto.


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