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Toothpastefordinner - Online Car Service


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I have been (almost) carfree for a little over a month and now I have to sell* the little spitfire (honda civic, actually) that brought me all over upstate NY and home to Canada and back & forth & back & forth… (well… not that many times, I only put about 4000 miles a year on the odometer.)

So… yeah… the sad process of listing and selling something that is worth far more to me than anyone else who is going to want to buy it. Here is why I still own more of my retired or broken down electronics than is healthy.

Anyone on the hunt for a sweet green car named Darryl? I might even throw in my Image 98 bumpersticker…


* I promise, robynmakesstuff will have more exciting, relevant, thoughtful content soon. I’m working crazygonutshours, but things should even out soon. And then Anchorless Press can try a little harder to set sail.

Title credit: The Lowest of the Low, Rosy & Grey

1 comment
  1. Luke said:

    The addition of the IMAGE ’98 sticker adds *at least* $500 to the price of the car.

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