There ain’t no one going to turn me ’round

Winnebago Man Poster
{See more about it here}

Went to see this killer documentary last night. And like every good documentary I have seen, it starts off with a very directed goal (meet and talk to Winnebago Man), and ends up telling us way more about the writer/director than it does about the subject (why are all these smart, interesting, well-spoken people so obsessed with watching garbage on the internet?). And Dick Cheney bashing. And swears. Lots of swears. it was muthercussin fantastic.

And like all good documentaries, I can relate. Not only do I have my own online go-tos when I’m feeling down (LEEEEEEEKSPIN!! and Morrissey Dance, of course,) I kind of love Winnebagos and have wasted lots of exposures on them. They are as photogenic (to me, yeah yeah) as a 1950s barbershop or greasy spoon diner.

Title credit: Evan Dando covering Big Star’s The Ballad of El Goodo on the Empire Records soundtrack (that is a major confession. But hey, I was born in 1981. Empire Records was kind of a big deal when I was in grade 9. Plus I just listened to the Sound Opinions episode about Guilty Pleasures, and I’m all about online confessions.)


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