Faces rearranged…Toronto’s on the train…

Oh, Toronto. I love that you love trains as much as I do. Some random thoughts on trains, so I can get the Nick Buzz song out of my head (unlikely) and get back to work.

  1. This is the first city I have lived in where people say “I have to catch my train” and they are talking about a subway line.
  2. I live next to a train bridge, and the sound of the 11:30pm train makes me insanely happy, even if it shakes the walls and makes it sound like a mouse is in my room.
  3. I have a collection of train conductor hats.
  4. My friend Jay once told me he hates train conductor hats.
  5. One of my newest favouritest* Toronto photographers takes pictures of train er, subway stations…and they are amazingly great:
  6. The first time I took the train, I had just had my wisdom teeth removed and looked like a chipmunk in the student discount card photo they took of me at the Viarail station in Ottawa, ON.
  7. I have been compiling a mix with songs about trains since 2004. So far, Magnetic Fields, Nick Cave, The Rheostatics, and Tom Waits are holding fort. Estimated completion date: 2014.
  8. Torontonians love their transit. Over 120 000 subway buttons sold since I started my train mix. Amazing.
  9. In case you haven’t noticed from my stuff maker header… I also like taking photos on trains.
  10. Streetcars are also kind of nice.

* It’s totally a word.

Title credit: Nick Buzz, Sane, so sane. Photo and video below.

Martin Tielli of Nick Buzz and other Canadi-fame, at Lula Lounge, Dec 9, 2010

Martin Tielli of Nick Buzz and other Canadi-fame, at Lula Lounge, Dec 9, 2010


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