And I know that it’s home, cause that’s where the stereo sings, ‘I’ve got dreams, dreams to remember.’

Happy holidays!

My Favourite House on Dovercourt (crappy mobile phone video I made while I couldn’t sleep)

Title credit: Okkervil River, Listening to Otis Redding at Home During Christmas*

*Might be my favourite sad bastard Christmas song. Ever. Aquarium Drunkard knows what I’m talkin about. Day Bow Bow has a great holiday mix featuring it, even if they called Otis ‘Sam Cooke’ in the track listing. Oh, songs about lost unrequited high school loves. Disco 2000 and so on.

  1. Jaime-Paul said:

    Excuse our misstep, when I was typing up the playlist I had a long debate over whether or not I should have labeled our Soul Stirrers track a Sam Cooke track, and it seems he took over my mind.

  2. No sweat – it’s a great mix. Wasn’t tryin to be too nitpicky. I just got excited and thought maybe Okkervil River had done another version. Happy holidays!

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