Lean in close to my little record player on the floor, so this is what the volume knob is for

“Each listener becomes a tribe of one, the great diversity making it impossible to line up your taste with anyone else’s. There are fewer Saxon fans now, to be sure.”
The Shuffling of Music Has Diluted Its Cultural Impact – Seattle Music – Reverb.

Go read John Roderick (Long Winters) killer column on Seattle Weekly's Reverb

John Roderick (Long Winters) is spot on with this article. I try to save my shuffling for walking around with headphones on, but as a pretty obsessive playlist/mix maker, I hope I still value each song on its own. I know I grew up in a different time –  I joined Columbia House Music Club in grade 5, and after pouring over the stamps for days and days – ended up with a funny mix of top 20 current hits and classics in Best of format, to start of my music collection. (Boyz II Men, TLC, Paul McCartney live album (it was the closest CR had to the Beatles), The Doors (double best of), CCR,… and a handful of others I have forgotten don’t want to admit to). All on CD, not vinyl. But the TLC probably gave that away.

In slightly related news – Anchorless Press will be publishing a review by Tiny Mix Tapes writer Mark King. And some killer film reviews by pop culture blogger Sam Tweedle. And more! Stay tuned for details as launch day approaches.

Title credit: The Mountain Goats, Dance Music


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