Her doorbell plays a bar of Stephen Foster, Her sister never left and look what it cost her.

…And I’ll make a career, out of writing sad songs and getting paid by the tear.

As I was waiting for the Spadina streetcar today (headphones blaring, weighed down by party snacks and kodachrome) a *super* friendly girl with the Toronto Life haircut and Rivers Cuomo glasses said loudly, as the streetcar approached, “I think you were first in line” and gestured for me to board the car first. Nice, yes. Unexpected, especially on the pushy shovey Spadina line, definitely. I could hear her, asking an older man if he wanted a seat, and then chatting loudly (not unpleasantly loud, just… a tidge above normal out-in-public voice) with him about accepted transit rankings (“disabled, elderly, people with kids, women, then men” -according to Older Man).

I don’t know why someone being friendly stuck out so much in my head, as I walked home this afternoon. Someone once said Toronto is a city where everyone is really good at ignoring each other. I guess, finishing my six month as a resident, I’m starting to notice that behaviour in myself. And I don’t like it. Blaring headphones (even if they are playing one of my favourite Silver Jews songs) does not help. On a side transit note: I noticed that 80% of the people in the subway car I was in at 4:45pm were reading. Books. Real-live-printed-on-paper-and-bound-with-glue-or-string BOOKS. Less nervous about launching Anchorless Press’s first edition of transit-friendly mini books tomorrow. And committing to printed matter as a way to pay my rent for the next 2-3 years.

Sneak peek of one of the publications – by Mark King of Tiny Mix Tapes (yes, this one will fit inside an empty tape case)

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Title credit: Silver Jews, Tennessee


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