Making our beds while the city’s burning, cleaning our house while it’s falling down

Great post on regretsy, where instead of being scared by a c&d order, the blogger did her homework and kicked some ass. Yes, artists should be paid for work, but you can’t just bill the people who give you unfavourable critique. That is lame.

I make art. My art is easily stealable (totally a word) online. I don’t watermark, and I really don’t care. If someone likes my work enough to steal it, in low res compressed as hell style, go nuts kids. Seriously, I’d be flattered if one of my unlicensed photos was on someone’s desktop.

Wherever possible, I support other artists. I see live music, (last night I paid $10 to see a friend’s band play, even though they were on their last song), I buy records, I buy art (as much as I can afford), and I promote the crap out of anyone who makes killer stuff.

Went to see Gentleman Reg on Wednesday (killer show, opening night for Canadian Music Week), bought a record, and on my way out, asked if I could take a photo of him and his friend (band manager possibly?). He noticed that I had bought a record and gave me a download of his new album. This kind of interaction (I don’t want to call it a transaction – ick) seems very… indicative of the way things are heading. I hope so. I hate the mall.

Title credit: Wildlife, Matches

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  1. ali said:

    yes. that is how things go.

    I don’t really feel too bad about my internet stealing habits. I’m also a huge consumer of music. more now than ever before. I still buy CDs, and I have spent pretty much all of my ‘entertainment’ money (well, what’s left over when i’m not purchasing beer) on concerts. (Mount Kimbie, No Gold, Babe Rainbow, The Braids, Toro y moi, and coming up: Mogwai!) I spend money on music downloads of my friends’ bands. Once in a rare while, I steal a photo from the net. What do I do with it? Nothing. Usually, I just look at it on my computer, or use it as back up material for something I’m researching or writing about. It’s a flow of stuff that negates the idea that you should limit infinitely reproduceable media into consumables in order to profit off it like a product.

    I think we can find other ways to support one another. I think trading useful things is amazing. Maybe you should send them the photo? I bet they would love it. This whole barter thing is how I ended up visiting Germany last fall. I supported an artist on her trip to North America, she invited me to Germany. I went, and really, it didn’t cost the gallery anything. I just took care of myself while I was there. Easy peasy.

    Anyway. If I could offer up a residency in Vancouver, I would invite you. In exchange, I would ask you to take some photos or something. Maybe I should do that, so I can cajole you into a visit. Now, if only that pesky real estate market would settle down….


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