And the hardest thing about this love is that it’s never gonna last

Was talking about voles this morning over coffee with my new roommate. Great article here:
Can’t find the original link, might look for the book once I return my 6 overdue books at the Gladstone library.

At 30, I haven’t come any closer to figuring out relationships than I was in Grade 8 with my first real boyfriend (the one who bought me a “You’re driving me Nucking Futs!” t-shirt and convinced me that country music wasn’t all bad. Sigh.) A constant playlist of lost love, jilted lovers and unrequited lust doesn’t make matters any better. A work/art schedule that doesn’t allow for anything but the occasional “hey how’s it goin? thinking of you” text/email/IM probably doesn’t help either. Laying low til May.

Title credit: Rural Alberta Advantage, Stamp


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