And you’re spittin out the kodachrome

 love this project. I am kind of a sucker for daily projects (When I was living in California, and I would get homesick, I looked at two very different Toronto photo-bloggers- Sam of Daily Dose of Imagery and Adam of inconduit.)

Both made me miss the city I had not lived in yet. Can you have nostalgia for something you don’t know?

On nostalgia (nostos / algos = returning home/ache, pain *), here is a photograph I have up at Gallery 44 as part of the show/sale/exhibition PHOTOPIA (Closes Saturday April 23 – go quick! Tues-Sat, 11-5)

5 & 20, Waterloo, NY, Robyn York, Pigment print, 2011

134 other works up for grabs as well – check it out! I have a huge crush on the film-filled freezer photograph by Colwyn Griffiths (sold, dangit), and of course of course of course, the signature image of this year’s festival by Chris Shepherd (previously on stuffmaker). Alice Dixon’s deer is another must haves (but already sold!) and Alex Kisilevich’s piece looks supercool nestled among Taimaz Moslemian’s shaving brush and Nathan Cyprys’s Untitled boy on stairs. Yessssss, art. Go go go!

Title credit: Elvis Costello, Watch Your Step


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