There you were in your underwear, all alone, drawing comics for your church

Some photo stuff that both irks and intrigues me:

Photographic Clichés | Martin Parr.
Dead on. I’m a #2, #4, and maybe a little #3. And Martin Parr is awesome. His corny flash website with way too much Cooper made my day.

Publish Your Photography Book – by “Swannie” (don’t call her that) and The Guy Whose Name Sounds Like The Hootie and The Blowfish Guy.
I… think I will wait til the Bloor & Gladstone (Bloodstone?) library carries this. I went to one of the most inSUFFERABLE artist talks ever with Mary Virgina Swanson and… some entitled Three Name artist book maker.

Want to make a photo-book? Talk about photographic clichés? Go take a workshop at VSW.

A book I made at Visual Studies Workshop - still waiting to be editioned...

Title credit: Rheostatics, Aliens (Christmas 1988)


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