When we hit the city limits, don’t forget me for a minute tonight

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Upcoming Gallery 44 workshop I am DYING to take:

City as Text: Incorporating Typography into Photography

“From the text on a door telling us to PUSH/PULL, or the authoritative voice of city traffic signs, to the ceaseless holler of advertising, typography is the material voice of the city. The urban environment is a typographically rich setting where competing texts clash for our increasingly splintered attention. … [this workshop] will encourage participants to seek out, on the streets its potential narratives as opportunities to hybridize text and image together into a contemporary aesthetic.”

As you can see in the slideshow above, I really like text. And cities. And photography. And Natalie Portman.*

Like text and cities and photographs too? Go sign up!!

*Photographs from my forthcoming book: None but the Rain

Title credit: Rural Alberta Advantage, North Star


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