Maybe that’s how books get written, Maybe that’s why songs get sung, Maybe we owe the unlucky ones

This message from my spam-trapper caught my attention, seconds before I clicked delete:

“shapes, catering towards require associated with little web sites for you to complex bigger”

I have been having that trigger-shy feeling, lately. Big things on the horizon, but those big things require little things to happen to start the rolling.

When this happens, my to-do list gets longer, and I drink a lot of coffee and wait for the day when BAM, something happens that keeps me up until 5am, and then gets me out of bed at 8am to keep working. And so on.

My working method is a lot like the bastard child of the grasshopper and the ant. Not particularly sustainable, but after a few decades of race-to-the-finish-line, stop, look around, race, pause, race — it has become *almost* predictable.

So almost predicting my working methods means – prepping for bursts, organizing the crap out of all my projects, and sometimes being okay giving myself a push instead of waiting for divine-tervention. ‘Cause my days of believing in something divine have past. I took too much philosophy in undergrad to believe. Beeeelieve.

The unsustainable aspect of this method makes me look into new productivity methods every now and then. For shits and giggles and procrastinatory purposes.

So – do I time box? life hack? become a time ninja? How do you Get Things Done? Opening this up to comments – does anyone notcrazy still comment on blogs?

To start off, I think I need to listen to Ryan Kuhlmann‘s advice and complex bigger.

Title credit: Ben Folds, From Above


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