They’re tearing up streets again, They’re building a new hotel-

The 5th Annual Festival of 24 Things opens on March 1st (a special preview word list will be sent to past participants tonight at midnight – leap day bonus!!) and although I’m a bit sad this will be the last Festival, I’m excited about Post-Art’s next project.

For today – inspired by a favourite motel in Niagara Falls – a look at filthy gorgeous subjects that tug the heartstrings of many photographers.

First up, crazyawesome John Divola’s Zuma series:

I love the way the blue paint points to the pastelly water & sunset. So good.

Alec Soth’s Niagara is one of the few giant beautiful artists’ books I own (the majority of my artists’ books are tiny beautiful ones) – and this image has always been one of my favourites – when I was little, my parents had a red cordoba that looked a bit like this:

And rather than mention Lee Friedlander, who kicked the shit outta hotel photography in the early 1960s, I’m going to show you a photo by Eamon MacMahon, whose photo is not actually a hotel, but reminds me of Mr. Friedlander’s signature photographs.

And finally, another Toronto-based photographer, Oliver Pauk, whose photograph brings me back to John Divola, with a sidestep to Andy Lock’s Orchard Park series (A series made by photographing an abandoned project highrise, projecting the images onto phosphorescent paint and rephotographing the resulting image as it degrades, fades and ceases to exist. The most beautifully poetic way of imaging a disappearing space with a camera that I have ever seen.

Photo Round up Tuesday is done – get your cameras ready for the Festival!!

Title credit: The Weakerthans, My Favourite Chords

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