This summer I went swimming, this summer might’ve drowned…

Even though this is a day late (it being the first day of autumn), it was too rainy and crappy yesterday to be a good day to play a last day of summer mix that starts with a song that should be played in some awesome turquoise and chrome car with the top down, and sun burning your freckled cheeks.

Today is a better Last Day of Summer mix day, with the sun and all.

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Track listing & liner notes

1. Groovin’ (The Young Rascals)
My summer was all about cars. I drove around Lake Ontario in early July and spent 3/4 of August in the country, driving around with my sisters and nephew.

2. The Swimming Song (Loudon Wainwright III)
This gets put on almost every summertime mix I make. It makes me think about this photo I took a long time ago. Also, my nephew took swimming lessons this summer and cried every single day until the last lesson. My sister is a trooper for not letting him give up.

3. Until the Clouds (Will Phalen and the Stereo Addicts) – Clouds in the summer are protective, clouds in the autumn are foreboding.

4. You’re Known to Wander (The Fresh & Onlys) – These guys just *sound* like summer. I can smell campfire and sunscreen when I hear Tim Cohen’s voice. I love that a guy from Syracuse NY is dubbed “a figurehead in San Francisco’s independent garage and psychedelic rock music scenes”  (wiki) This song is a walking around the city at 1 am on a hot summer night, wishing campfires and the lake were closer.

5. Fall in (Cloud Nothings) – Clouds + fall = see #3.

6. Indian Winter (El Ten Eleven) – From my favourite band to see live, a song that makes you feel like you are the star in some incredible film about a ubiquitous font, or well-designed object.

7. Glide (Alec Bathgate) – before file sharing and music blogs, I used to get CMJ magazine, whenever I could afford it, and Alec Bathgate had this song called Pet Hates on one of the compilations. It was fucking awesome. Chris Knox is fuckin awesome. I love that most of what I learned about music until the early 2000s came from scouring Columbia House magazines and the occasional big city record store visit.

8. Send in the Clouds (Silver Jews) – Seems an appropriate song to follow the lyric “You don’t have time in your life, to be fool and foolish”

9. Over Ther, It’s Raining (Nils Frahm) – Veering off course, aurally, but keeping thematic with the song titles. This is a heartbreakingly beautiful song and Nils Frahm is my biggest new music crush.

10. 68 Degrees (Miracle Condition) – Just wait til 2:05. It will be worth it. And 68 degrees F is 20 degrees C, eh. The temperature you process film at.

11. Swim Until you Can’t See Land (Frightened Rabbit) – I’m SO PISSED I missed out on getting tickets to see these guys in Toronto. This song makes me feel better about everything though.

12. Should Have (Cloud Nothings)  – A little obsessed with these guys, I know.

13. Six Weeks (Of Monsters and Men) – Arcade fire-y stomping and group sing-y. Summertime is all about sleeping in. And fighting these animals… alone…until I get home. (Arcade fire-y ridiculous lyrics stretched out over many syll-a-a-a-a-bles bonus points!)

14. The Swimming Song (covered by Vetiver) – these guys are playing Toronto soon. I better get my ticket. Banjo banjo banjo pickin.

15. Feel Flows (Beach Boys) – Thoughtfully, I put this at the end, so you can fade it out around… you know, that point where shit get crazy.


Title credit: Loudon Wainwright III, Swimming Song

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