And every map is blank

This was a big year of transition for a lot of people in my life, (including myself, but hell, every year seems to be a big transition year for this one). Friends and loved ones were lost, babies were born, houses were bought, houses were sold, cross-country moves happened, jobs changed, new projects started, old projects completed, often in stressful overlap. 2012 was a hell of a year. And I mean that in both the rib-elbowing way as well as the Sartre way.

Rather than throw on the vimeo link to Mountain Goats – This Year, I decided to compile some of the songs that got the most play on my headphones or speakers this year. Lots of sad bastard songs, cause that’s what I do best, but lots of threads of hope in there too. Peaks and valleys, hots and colds, sweets and sours.

If I had to pick one new artist that I couldn’t do without, it would be Cold Specks.
If I had to pick one song to play at very loud volume, it would be “Stay Useless” by Cloud Nothings.
If I had to pick my favourite live concert this year it would be…a tough call. I saw all the bands with stars next to their name. I know. I’m effin’ lucky.
If I had to pick the lyrics that are getting the most play in my head right now, it would be Lee Fields’s “I don’t know where I’m going but I know where I’m coming from.”

As 2012 comes to a close

  1. I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Is In – Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings
  2. I Don’t Know Where I’m Going – Lee Fields and The Explorers
  3. Time And Place – Lee Moses
  4. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart – JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound*
  5. Leave Me Alone (New Order Cover) – Destroyer
  6. Walls – Stars
  7. Shoot The Water – Austra
  8. To The East – Electrelane
  9. Tell Me Soemthing I Don’t Know – Herman Düne*
  10. Wish We Were Here – Smoking Popes*
  11. Didn’t You – Cloud Nothings
  12. Another Bed – The Twilight Sad**
  13. Blank Maps – Cold Specks
  14. Lord Knows Best – Dirty Beaches*
  15. I Found You – Alabama Shakes
  16. Baby’s Arms – Kurt Vile
  17. Ain’t Gonna Last – Good Conduct*
  18. Gonna Get Me Someone – The Greenhornes
  19. Stay Useless – Cloud Nothings
  20. All Things Must Pass – Jesus And Mary Chain
  21. Close your eyes – Micah P Hinson and the gospel progress
  22. I’ll Love You Forever – The Squires / Neil Young*
  23. Bad Girl (Part 1) – Lee Moses
  24. Winter Solstice – Cold Specks
  25. Home Again – Michael Kiwanuka*

Download the mix here: (head’s up, it’s 100 MB)

Stream it on grooveshark here:

I own all of these songs, and so should you. Send money to the artists you listen to, or go to their goddamn shows.

Title credit: Cold Specks, Blank Map


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