Do you ever notice a date, or a time, or a person over and over until it/they gets kind of etched in your brain, and you notice it more often than other times / dates?

1982 kept coming up in late January. Mostly birthdays, but some films and albums that came out that year.

And now Feb 24.
I just noticed I have exactly one year left on my TELUS contract. (After an hour long Christmas Eve chat with one of their loyalty people, I finally got my bill to a place where I don’t feel like I’m getting b̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶o̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶a̶ ̶s̶t̶a̶c̶k̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶i̶p̶h̶o̶n̶e̶s̶ completely taken advantage of. So we’ll see.)

And tonight, making egg salad for lunch, I noticed that my mayonnaise expired to-frickin-DAY – Feb 24, 2014. Seriously. And yes, I threw it out. I’m a wuss with potentially rotten food. And I’m a salad dressing bachelor, so there were tons of other non-expired options.

And Rae Spoon.

It started with a photo by the amazing JJ Levine in the vitrines at Gallery 44 – then I saw them on the cover of Broken Pencil. Then in an online thing. Then in another online thing. Then on a postcard for My Prairie Home. In cool graphic cutout. Imagine being recognized for your glasses and haircut? So-swoon.

And yay! My Prairie Home is screening wednesday night at cinecylce. The week of Feb 24. I wonder if Rae was born in 1982?


Next Repetition column — 12:34 am, 12:34 pm.

Title Credit: The oft-cited This Year by the ineffable Mountain Goats


Barenaked Ladies – Enid (Video) – YouTube. ]

A few weekends ago, I was showing one of my closest friends a facebook picture (i KNOW!) of my current unrequited crush, and she said “That is the most Canadian guy I have ever seen.”

“Enid” just came on my favourite AM radio show, and I was curious what the video looked like. 15 seconds in, I realized that most of my crushes have been some sort of mashup of at least two, or maybe three of the Barenaked Ladies, (minus the unfortunate haircuts / facial hair)

Why don’t my crushes ever look like The Boss? Goddamn you, national pride.

Title credit: Enid, Barenaked Ladies

Even though this is a day late (it being the first day of autumn), it was too rainy and crappy yesterday to be a good day to play a last day of summer mix that starts with a song that should be played in some awesome turquoise and chrome car with the top down, and sun burning your freckled cheeks.

Today is a better Last Day of Summer mix day, with the sun and all.

(Flash player embedded, but probably not functional)

Track listing & liner notes

1. Groovin’ (The Young Rascals)
My summer was all about cars. I drove around Lake Ontario in early July and spent 3/4 of August in the country, driving around with my sisters and nephew.

2. The Swimming Song (Loudon Wainwright III)
This gets put on almost every summertime mix I make. It makes me think about this photo I took a long time ago. Also, my nephew took swimming lessons this summer and cried every single day until the last lesson. My sister is a trooper for not letting him give up.

3. Until the Clouds (Will Phalen and the Stereo Addicts) – Clouds in the summer are protective, clouds in the autumn are foreboding.

4. You’re Known to Wander (The Fresh & Onlys) – These guys just *sound* like summer. I can smell campfire and sunscreen when I hear Tim Cohen’s voice. I love that a guy from Syracuse NY is dubbed “a figurehead in San Francisco’s independent garage and psychedelic rock music scenes”  (wiki) This song is a walking around the city at 1 am on a hot summer night, wishing campfires and the lake were closer.

5. Fall in (Cloud Nothings) – Clouds + fall = see #3.

6. Indian Winter (El Ten Eleven) – From my favourite band to see live, a song that makes you feel like you are the star in some incredible film about a ubiquitous font, or well-designed object.

7. Glide (Alec Bathgate) – before file sharing and music blogs, I used to get CMJ magazine, whenever I could afford it, and Alec Bathgate had this song called Pet Hates on one of the compilations. It was fucking awesome. Chris Knox is fuckin awesome. I love that most of what I learned about music until the early 2000s came from scouring Columbia House magazines and the occasional big city record store visit.

8. Send in the Clouds (Silver Jews) – Seems an appropriate song to follow the lyric “You don’t have time in your life, to be fool and foolish”

9. Over Ther, It’s Raining (Nils Frahm) – Veering off course, aurally, but keeping thematic with the song titles. This is a heartbreakingly beautiful song and Nils Frahm is my biggest new music crush.

10. 68 Degrees (Miracle Condition) – Just wait til 2:05. It will be worth it. And 68 degrees F is 20 degrees C, eh. The temperature you process film at.

11. Swim Until you Can’t See Land (Frightened Rabbit) – I’m SO PISSED I missed out on getting tickets to see these guys in Toronto. This song makes me feel better about everything though.

12. Should Have (Cloud Nothings)  – A little obsessed with these guys, I know.

13. Six Weeks (Of Monsters and Men) – Arcade fire-y stomping and group sing-y. Summertime is all about sleeping in. And fighting these animals… alone…until I get home. (Arcade fire-y ridiculous lyrics stretched out over many syll-a-a-a-a-bles bonus points!)

14. The Swimming Song (covered by Vetiver) – these guys are playing Toronto soon. I better get my ticket. Banjo banjo banjo pickin.

15. Feel Flows (Beach Boys) – Thoughtfully, I put this at the end, so you can fade it out around… you know, that point where shit get crazy.


Title credit: Loudon Wainwright III, Swimming Song

My NXNE schedule is filled with a lot of bands that I would have seen in high school if Toronto had been a little closer and my folks had been a little cooler. I did see Ben Harper in grade 9 at the Warehouse (I think?)… but that was about the extent of my country girl > city concert going.

TONIGHT: Bran Van 3000 (And yes, this is the hottest makeout/360 pan video ever made.)

FRIDAY: Smoking Popes

“Megan” by Smoking Popes

And my favourite Gene Wilder conjuring cover:

SATURDAY (missing them for Radiohead, but you should go!): Limblifter

and now, youtube roulette has reminded me of other bands I would love to see, if Deloreans, phone booths and hot tub time machines existed…

Killjoys: This was my hallway-walkin, headphone-wearing anthem in highschool



The Pursuit of Happiness

And….how did I end up at The Spoons? No matter. It’s a good one.

Title credit: Smoking Popes, Megan

My solair chair (with minor war wounds from whomever “borrowed” it) has been returned to my back yard, Bal has started planting the immense vegetable garden around the perimeter (and into the driveway), and I’ve got my eye on this… (with a side of picnic table).

Bring it, summer.

Title credit: Modest Mouse, Untitled

Listening to this album:



(streaming here for who knows how long)

and wondering where the quirkypoppy Islands went…





You know, these guys:

New album song titles include: This Is Not a Song, No Crying, Can’t Feel My Face, Lonely Love, Cold Again. Man, someone turned up the saaaaaad*.

Title credit: Islands, Don’t call me Whitney, Bobby **
*which, of course, makes me like them more.
** I know, I know.