Notes to self

Do you ever notice a date, or a time, or a person over and over until it/they gets kind of etched in your brain, and you notice it more often than other times / dates?

1982 kept coming up in late January. Mostly birthdays, but some films and albums that came out that year.

And now Feb 24.
I just noticed I have exactly one year left on my TELUS contract. (After an hour long Christmas Eve chat with one of their loyalty people, I finally got my bill to a place where I don’t feel like I’m getting b̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶o̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶a̶ ̶s̶t̶a̶c̶k̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶i̶p̶h̶o̶n̶e̶s̶ completely taken advantage of. So we’ll see.)

And tonight, making egg salad for lunch, I noticed that my mayonnaise expired to-frickin-DAY – Feb 24, 2014. Seriously. And yes, I threw it out. I’m a wuss with potentially rotten food. And I’m a salad dressing bachelor, so there were tons of other non-expired options.

And Rae Spoon.

It started with a photo by the amazing JJ Levine in the vitrines at Gallery 44 – then I saw them on the cover of Broken Pencil. Then in an online thing. Then in another online thing. Then on a postcard for My Prairie Home. In cool graphic cutout. Imagine being recognized for your glasses and haircut? So-swoon.

And yay! My Prairie Home is screening wednesday night at cinecylce. The week of Feb 24. I wonder if Rae was born in 1982?


Next Repetition column — 12:34 am, 12:34 pm.

Title Credit: The oft-cited This Year by the ineffable Mountain Goats


Barenaked Ladies – Enid (Video) – YouTube. ]

A few weekends ago, I was showing one of my closest friends a facebook picture (i KNOW!) of my current unrequited crush, and she said “That is the most Canadian guy I have ever seen.”

“Enid” just came on my favourite AM radio show, and I was curious what the video looked like. 15 seconds in, I realized that most of my crushes have been some sort of mashup of at least two, or maybe three of the Barenaked Ladies, (minus the unfortunate haircuts / facial hair)

Why don’t my crushes ever look like The Boss? Goddamn you, national pride.

Title credit: Enid, Barenaked Ladies

I started this post over a year ago and I’m not sure what it was originally about, but with leisure time and forced hiatus from social networking* (this doesn’t count, even though I know it auto-posts to bookface), I have the chance to finish it and hit “publish”.  My original post items are in blue. Tobias Fünke joke.

*My holiday reading stack has included this month’s Atlantic, which puts effbook on the same list as cars for encouraging human tendency and preference for alone-ness, which can sometimes often devolve into loneliness.

So having no idea what this post was originally about, let’s look at robyn c. April 2011:

She was a few years over 27 (see title), but still able to appreciate a pint and a song about heartbreak and wanderlust.

She had the following listed songs on a mix she carried around in her pocket:

  • Oooh Child – The Five Stairsteps
  • Old Haunts – The Gaslight Anthem
  • Hearts are Down – The Beauties
  • Common People – Pulp
  • Never Ending Math Equation – Modest Mouse
    “I’m the same, as I was when I was six years old, and oh my god I feel so damn old.”

Common thread? Songs about… getting older, feeling better, looking back, annnnd initiating the rich to the ways of the blue collar (Did Jarvis predict this contemporary subculture, or create it?)

And then, curiously, she (god, third-person is weird) singled out a National cover of a Bruce hit (May UNCUT is also on my stack and features a quickie on the Born to Run photoshoot)–

This song is spectacular. The National – Mansion on the Hill

And that’s as far as robyn 2011 got. She did credit her title track (see below) as she always does. My guess, in this self-anthropological dig? The post was started sometime in January, nearish to her 30th birthday, when she was filled with heartbreak and wanderlust, and then added to in April, when she was on the cusp of something new (and eventually heartbreaking and wanderlust inspiring), and never finished as it seemed too far in the past and too unimportant to revisit and complete.

Good time waster. Back to the 40 pages of a killer manuscript I have left to edit.
Title credit: Trains Across the Sea – Silver Jews

Destroyer – Leave Me Alone (New Order cover) – YouTube.

I forgot to buy February’s Mojo!! I hope someone still has it in stock….

This week’s To do list:
Photograph my FESTIVAL of 24 THINGS submission!!
Go to bed before midnight (CMW, I’m blaming you for the undereye circles)
Successfully navigate to Markham on TTC Thursday for this event.
And finish two books. No biggie.


Title credit: New Order, Leave Me Alone

Final 2012 Resolution:

#12. Cross the ocean before my next birthday.

Song credit: Charles Bradley & Thomas Brenneck, covering Neil Young’s Heart of Gold
Title credit: Neil Young, Heart of Gold

Bonus Neil for all my favourite people, scattered from down in LA all the way to Nashville, New York City, to my Canadian prairie home: “One of these days, I’m gonna sit down and write a long letter to all the good friends I’ve known. And I’m gonna try to thank them all for the good times together…”

*Published at 2:00pm, born at 2:00pm. I have never been a morning person.