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Do you ever notice a date, or a time, or a person over and over until it/they gets kind of etched in your brain, and you notice it more often than other times / dates?

1982 kept coming up in late January. Mostly birthdays, but some films and albums that came out that year.

And now Feb 24.
I just noticed I have exactly one year left on my TELUS contract. (After an hour long Christmas Eve chat with one of their loyalty people, I finally got my bill to a place where I don’t feel like I’m getting b̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶o̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶a̶ ̶s̶t̶a̶c̶k̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶i̶p̶h̶o̶n̶e̶s̶ completely taken advantage of. So we’ll see.)

And tonight, making egg salad for lunch, I noticed that my mayonnaise expired to-frickin-DAY – Feb 24, 2014. Seriously. And yes, I threw it out. I’m a wuss with potentially rotten food. And I’m a salad dressing bachelor, so there were tons of other non-expired options.

And Rae Spoon.

It started with a photo by the amazing JJ Levine in the vitrines at Gallery 44 – then I saw them on the cover of Broken Pencil. Then in an online thing. Then in another online thing. Then on a postcard for My Prairie Home. In cool graphic cutout. Imagine being recognized for your glasses and haircut? So-swoon.

And yay! My Prairie Home is screening wednesday night at cinecylce. The week of Feb 24. I wonder if Rae was born in 1982?


Next Repetition column — 12:34 am, 12:34 pm.

Title Credit: The oft-cited This Year by the ineffable Mountain Goats


Been going through older mixtapes, and am smitten with every single song on Hey Buddy’s “You Said You Wanted Pop” (Side A – Summer, Side B – 2008). Here’s a gem:

Thanks, Dan V!

Title credit: BARR – The Song is the Single



Having taken a social networking hiatus, and getting my news the old fashioned way (by visiting NYT directly and consuming my 10 free monthly articles in a manner of minutes), I am starting a “things I would have posted on ubiquitous SN site” list, with appropriate 140 character marginalia.

>>David Rakoff, Humorist and Essayist, Dies at 47 –

So occasionally, I’ll need that little bit of spice. And what’s more spicy than being Canadian? I ask you.”

David Rakoff was an insanely funny, dry, awesome writer. He passed away last night. I will miss him. Looking at the number of tributes that have gone up since I started this post, so will many many others.

>> Noah has a new exhibition up and it is pretty awesome. It makes me think of…
Damian Moppett and the dancing record from Size Small (it took me 17 days to remember this reference). Pop culture references aside, most importantly, Noah’s work just keeps getting more interesting.

>> Fingertips is the BEST at finding free and legal infectious summer songs about listening to music. Check this one by Wildlife Control: Analog or Digital

“This one hardly needs any annotation—it’s got a head-bopping one-note bass line, an infectious melody, is three minutes long, and is about listening to records (a subject that forms its own important splinter group in the kingdom of power pop).”

>> … [more as things pop into my head and out through my fingertips]

Title credit: This Euan MacDonald piece, seen at NGC, years ago…

Have you ever searched a nonspecific phrase in g-images? This is a particularly good one.

My NXNE schedule is filled with a lot of bands that I would have seen in high school if Toronto had been a little closer and my folks had been a little cooler. I did see Ben Harper in grade 9 at the Warehouse (I think?)… but that was about the extent of my country girl > city concert going.

TONIGHT: Bran Van 3000 (And yes, this is the hottest makeout/360 pan video ever made.)

FRIDAY: Smoking Popes

“Megan” by Smoking Popes

And my favourite Gene Wilder conjuring cover:

SATURDAY (missing them for Radiohead, but you should go!): Limblifter

and now, youtube roulette has reminded me of other bands I would love to see, if Deloreans, phone booths and hot tub time machines existed…

Killjoys: This was my hallway-walkin, headphone-wearing anthem in highschool



The Pursuit of Happiness

And….how did I end up at The Spoons? No matter. It’s a good one.

Title credit: Smoking Popes, Megan

I need some Totally Awesome* in my Friday.

I love that googling Totally Awesome produced this image:

Which makes me think of this song:

(Bryan Adams on the phone, it’s Bryan Adams on the phone, it’s Bryan Adams on the phone, it’s Bryan Adams…)

*If anyone knows anything else by this band (Next-Door Neighbors), pleeeease let me know. I have looked everywhere, and it seems to be as unknown and awesome as the Police Helmet song.

And one more Totally Awesome, totally irrelevant link. Yay Friday! 

Title credit: Next Door Neighbors, Totally Awesome

Listening to this album:



(streaming here for who knows how long)

and wondering where the quirkypoppy Islands went…





You know, these guys:

New album song titles include: This Is Not a Song, No Crying, Can’t Feel My Face, Lonely Love, Cold Again. Man, someone turned up the saaaaaad*.

Title credit: Islands, Don’t call me Whitney, Bobby **
*which, of course, makes me like them more.
** I know, I know.