Very excited that Luke’s book is a contender for ABofTM! Finalists announced in January…

IWYWH cover

AGYU Artists’ Book of the Moment – Luke Strosnider I Wish You Where Here.

Title credit: Pavement, Here


Even though this is a day late (it being the first day of autumn), it was too rainy and crappy yesterday to be a good day to play a last day of summer mix that starts with a song that should be played in some awesome turquoise and chrome car with the top down, and sun burning your freckled cheeks.

Today is a better Last Day of Summer mix day, with the sun and all.

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Track listing & liner notes

1. Groovin’ (The Young Rascals)
My summer was all about cars. I drove around Lake Ontario in early July and spent 3/4 of August in the country, driving around with my sisters and nephew.

2. The Swimming Song (Loudon Wainwright III)
This gets put on almost every summertime mix I make. It makes me think about this photo I took a long time ago. Also, my nephew took swimming lessons this summer and cried every single day until the last lesson. My sister is a trooper for not letting him give up.

3. Until the Clouds (Will Phalen and the Stereo Addicts) – Clouds in the summer are protective, clouds in the autumn are foreboding.

4. You’re Known to Wander (The Fresh & Onlys) – These guys just *sound* like summer. I can smell campfire and sunscreen when I hear Tim Cohen’s voice. I love that a guy from Syracuse NY is dubbed “a figurehead in San Francisco’s independent garage and psychedelic rock music scenes”  (wiki) This song is a walking around the city at 1 am on a hot summer night, wishing campfires and the lake were closer.

5. Fall in (Cloud Nothings) – Clouds + fall = see #3.

6. Indian Winter (El Ten Eleven) – From my favourite band to see live, a song that makes you feel like you are the star in some incredible film about a ubiquitous font, or well-designed object.

7. Glide (Alec Bathgate) – before file sharing and music blogs, I used to get CMJ magazine, whenever I could afford it, and Alec Bathgate had this song called Pet Hates on one of the compilations. It was fucking awesome. Chris Knox is fuckin awesome. I love that most of what I learned about music until the early 2000s came from scouring Columbia House magazines and the occasional big city record store visit.

8. Send in the Clouds (Silver Jews) – Seems an appropriate song to follow the lyric “You don’t have time in your life, to be fool and foolish”

9. Over Ther, It’s Raining (Nils Frahm) – Veering off course, aurally, but keeping thematic with the song titles. This is a heartbreakingly beautiful song and Nils Frahm is my biggest new music crush.

10. 68 Degrees (Miracle Condition) – Just wait til 2:05. It will be worth it. And 68 degrees F is 20 degrees C, eh. The temperature you process film at.

11. Swim Until you Can’t See Land (Frightened Rabbit) – I’m SO PISSED I missed out on getting tickets to see these guys in Toronto. This song makes me feel better about everything though.

12. Should Have (Cloud Nothings)  – A little obsessed with these guys, I know.

13. Six Weeks (Of Monsters and Men) – Arcade fire-y stomping and group sing-y. Summertime is all about sleeping in. And fighting these animals… alone…until I get home. (Arcade fire-y ridiculous lyrics stretched out over many syll-a-a-a-a-bles bonus points!)

14. The Swimming Song (covered by Vetiver) – these guys are playing Toronto soon. I better get my ticket. Banjo banjo banjo pickin.

15. Feel Flows (Beach Boys) – Thoughtfully, I put this at the end, so you can fade it out around… you know, that point where shit get crazy.


Title credit: Loudon Wainwright III, Swimming Song

The heat makes me think of this crunchy twangy garage rock sound:

Strange Disposition by The Fresh & Onlys

Waterfall by The Fresh & Onlys

Honey, I’m Too Old for You by Jack Oblivian

And while I’m on a garage rock kick….

I’m Gonna Love You Too by 13th Floor Elevators

Invisible Girl by King Khan & BBQ Show

And while I’m on a bands-with-punctuation-in-their-names kick…

Ain’t it a Shame by ? and the Mysterians

When My Baby Left Me by Sid King & The Five Strings

And while I’m on a five string kick…

Prince Nez by Squirrel Nut Zippers

How did I get from garage rock to swing? – I might need to turn my air conditioner up.

(Full playlist here)

Title credit: The Fresh & Onlys, Waterfall

Every now and then I am reminded why the internet is one of the greatest things for a massive music fan. In high school, before CDRs were common, my friend Trevor offered a service to make a mix CD for $20. You provided all the source files (on CD, of course), with tracks indicated in order, and he put them all together. He was 8tracks or soundcloud or garageband or grooveshark or hype machine or some type of music blog before music blogs existed (Unless you count Matthew Good’s Manifestos).

I’m glad that I don’t need to lug 18 jewel cases to school in my over-just-one-shoulder-army-green-backpack, and wait for a week while the songs are ripped, ordered and burned to a shiny expensive CDR. I can just type a few words, click a few things, ctrl+a, ctrl+c, ctrl+v and BAM – afternoon mini-mix.

Arab Strap – Why Can’t This Be Love (Van Halen)

Swell Season – Don’t Want to Know  (John Martyn)


Title credit, Van Halen, Why Can’t This Be Love

This message from my spam-trapper caught my attention, seconds before I clicked delete:

“shapes, catering towards require associated with little web sites for you to complex bigger”

I have been having that trigger-shy feeling, lately. Big things on the horizon, but those big things require little things to happen to start the rolling.

When this happens, my to-do list gets longer, and I drink a lot of coffee and wait for the day when BAM, something happens that keeps me up until 5am, and then gets me out of bed at 8am to keep working. And so on.

My working method is a lot like the bastard child of the grasshopper and the ant. Not particularly sustainable, but after a few decades of race-to-the-finish-line, stop, look around, race, pause, race — it has become *almost* predictable.

So almost predicting my working methods means – prepping for bursts, organizing the crap out of all my projects, and sometimes being okay giving myself a push instead of waiting for divine-tervention. ‘Cause my days of believing in something divine have past. I took too much philosophy in undergrad to believe. Beeeelieve.

The unsustainable aspect of this method makes me look into new productivity methods every now and then. For shits and giggles and procrastinatory purposes.

So – do I time box? life hack? become a time ninja? How do you Get Things Done? Opening this up to comments – does anyone notcrazy still comment on blogs?

To start off, I think I need to listen to Ryan Kuhlmann‘s advice and complex bigger.

Title credit: Ben Folds, From Above