Guess who is getting added to Toronto’s Walk of Fame?…. #spoileralert #ryanreynolds #rachelmcadams

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Rachel McAdams + Ryan Reynolds = The perfect Chick flick. Now somebody take the afternoon and write that sucker! Go Team Canada!

I heard Nick of 30 Chick Flicks in 30 Days (guess what heeeeee’s dooooing?) on CBC this morning. He thanked Canada for all the support as if “Canada” was an Aunt who had baked him a tray of cookies. Too much Patrick Dempsey will kill brain cells. Everything in moderation.

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As a non-profit artist run centre employee and a small business owner, this is completely disheartening.

Building a following from 50 to 1300 on a site that reels you in with: “Sign up – It’s free and always will be.”– all for naught.

But now I understand why all of a sudden my friends seem to like Wind Mobile , Samsung Canada, and a handful of beauty products whose advertising budget was wasted on my distracted view.

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