I wish I was watching these guys tonight with my good friends in Chicago:

Or these guys at a sold out show in Toronto, (which I just heard about):

But I will settle for Mad Men on my laptop with a cat* next to me on the sofa, keeping me company.

*just cat sitting. I haven’t become THAT domesticated.

Title credit: Japandroids, The House That Heaven Built


I have 20+ notebook pages filled with ideas, resources, and interesting things are people doing with / about / of and/or for books, during this heartstring-pullingly named symposium.

Stay tuned, I have big plans for the AP website over-do, for starters.

Luke's Jason Molina lamp polaroid

Jason Molina’s lamp, Luke Strosnider

Rarely does news of an artist’s death bring tears to my eyes, but the very simple “R.I.P. Jason Molina” on a facebook friend’s wall had that effect on me this morning.

He was a fucking amazing songwriter, and it is sad as shit that he is no longer in the world.

That’s all.

Read this: Jason Molina’s lamp, by Luke Strosnider

And this: Henry at Chunklet’s obituary

And this: Pitchfork’s R.I.P. Jason Molina

And listen to this: Trials & Errors

And try not to cry.


No song titles to credit in the title today – too many apply.

Happy February 14th to all my favourite sad bastards!

Remember when you heard Casiotone for the Painfully Alone for the first time and went “ohhhh…. that’s exACTly what it felt like when I had that crush on ____.”? Well, Owen (of CFTPA) is still making music, and it is…. fucking awesome! Come see him at THE ANNEX LIVE in Toronto on Saturday night and remind yourself how beautiful sad stuff really is.

Details here: http://bit.ly/ADVANCEBASE

Thank you, INDIE MACHINE for making this happen.

Advance Base – “Summer Music” (OFFICIAL VIDEO) – YouTube.

Title credit: Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, I love you Creedence